The Little Schemer

I think this might be the second or third time now I've attempted to learn functional programming. The previous attempts weren't all that serious as I just read through some online tutorials and then got distracted by other things. This time around I've decided I actual want to give it a real try. I've decided to start with a two pronged attack. I'm currently reading through The Little Schemer as an introduction to functional programming and recursive programming. I'm also reading Living Clojure as I imagine Clojure will end up being my Lisp of choice once I'm ready to produce production code.

I feel like both books cover their subjects from a pragmatic point of view which is a great way to present an idea or language in my opinion. It has made both Scheme and Clojure easy to read, write and understand without having much experience in either.

I look forward to working my way through each book and exploring each Lisp further.