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You can reach me at james @ this domain (reop public key) or
During business hours I'm the Lead Web Developer and a Part-time Lecturer at Eastern Michigan University.

FSF Associate Member #9880

Recently read: No Place to Hide - Edward Snowden, the NSA, and the U.S. Surveillance State by Glenn Greenwald.

Check out my latest project, pwstore, a simple ksh script that uses reop and SQLite3 to securely store your passwords in an encrypted database that can easily be backed up.

GitHub Projects - miscellaneous projects on GitHub.
Astro - a small, simple web framework for Lua.
BitcoinXTR - a quick way to get the latest BTC to USD exchange rate.
Chisel - free Fossil SCM hosting site (under new management).
Flint - ISC licensed codebase behind Chisel.
Try Lua - sand boxed environment to play with Lua through your browser.
Lua Projects - a collection of Lua projects I've written.
OpenBSD Ports - a collection of ports I maintain for the OpenBSD project.
SRE - rss feed parser and mailer.

Volunteer work:
OpenBSD developer (ports with a focus on mips64el).
Sporadic GNU webmaster.

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